About US

The "Buckaroo" was designed from the 30's model car styles and has room for a weekend getaway's worth of luggage. It also works well to carry the car show equipment without getting your classic car dirty. 

Buckaroo Trailers has been building custom Automotive Trailers since 1997. All our trailers have tubular steel frames, independent suspension, and full size tires and American Racing rims. Each body is made using fiberglass, and can be painted to match your car or truck. 

The Torpedo was designed from the classic aerodynamic body styles of the 40's-50's. The Torpedo will carry luggage for the weekend, or car show items. There should be enough room for a trophy or two! 

The Sport Trac 2, is 15' long. It's large enough to haul a touring bike and enough luggage to stay gone for weeks on end. It also serves as a "Club Trailer". Car Clubs use them to carry the entire clubs gear for a weekend trip.